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KMS Legal is a Toronto-based legal association that understands the importance of a client-first approach when dealing with complex legal matters. We pride ourselves on providing clientele with transparent, efficient, and hands on legal services. Our business is your success.


Our experiences lawyers only focus on areas where they have passion and expertise: Family Law, Criminal Law and Wills & Estates, which provides them with the skill, knowledge and expertise to resolve your legal matter with the upmost efficiency.


Our loyal client base has always valued our ability to deal with the complex intermingling of the different facets of law. We deliver a modern, personal and cost effective approach to resolving your legal matters, while maintaining the standards often found at large-scale law firms. Provided that we are a boutique legal association, all our energy and efforts will be placed on you and you will never feel lost in the shuffle. At KMS, we will make every effort to Protect What Matters Most to You.


Disclaimer: All Lawyers practicing at KMS Legal are practicing in Association and not as Partners.

KMS Legal has 3 locations across the GTA, including offices in Yorkville, Rosedale and Newmarket.


To learn more about our services, 

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