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Everyone needs a will. At KMS Legal, we prepare wills of all levels of complexity to allow you to provide for your family and ensure that your wishes and preferences are carried out upon death.

Our specialized team of wills lawyers has the experience requires to develop estate plans and establish trusts. We go above and beyond will work with your accountant, wealth advisor and/or financial advisor to ensure that the plan helps you leave a legacy and protect what matters most: your loved ones and family. Without a proper estate plan, your intentions may not be carried out and your money may not go to those whom you wish.

Will Services that are provided by KMS Legal.

  • Prepare your will

  • Draft or enforce powers of attorney

  • Create a tax-efficient estate plan

  • Establish trusts for families, special needs trusts, dependent children or charities

  • Develop a succession plan for family-owned businesses


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